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We recognize: "Fathers are denied fundamental rights"
Under current divorce, paternity, and domestic violence laws courts ignore the fundamental rights of fathers to their children, their earnings, and their lives as they deny them the constitutional 'due process' that protects our other constitutional rights.
   A tyranny has been setup to undermine fathers, families and freedom for money, power and agenda.  And YOU need to help fight it.

So, we offer YOU:
1. Legal Education - to handle your Family Court case
     Easily learn the rules, procedures, laws, and strategies to fight for your children and yourself 'on your own' (Pro Se) or to better handle your lawyer. Watch NOW Topic 1 For FREE, See All Our Courses!
     You'll also understand exactly how family courts transgress your fundamental rights and constitutional law - as you may have guessed!      Don't let the system or your lawyer keep you in the dark!  
               Appeals Course

2. Liberty's Call - to bring back our freedoms
Understand the tyranny fathers face and how we can regain   our rights to our children, family, and freedom.
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1.   Know This Or Know Nothing
2.   Fathers Rebellion, Demands and Strategy Against Family Court Tyranny
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1) 'Steps in a divorce court action' sheet
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