'Make an Appeal - Effectively'


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Whether you use a lawyer or do it yourself (i.e. Pro Se) - as this course shows you - preparing and carryout an effective appeal to reverse a unjust trial judgment in Family Court is often your best approach to correcting it.

This 'How to' Appeals Course will give you all you need to know not only about the 'mechanics' of doing an appeal but about how to find your issues of error that will justify your appeal and then how to fashion them so that the Appeals Court will really take notice of them - and not dismiss them out of hand.

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I specifically designed this Appeal Course to help fathers to better fight for their rights – for themselves and for their children. To bolster a father’s perspective, this course not only goes over the nitty gritty details of 'making an appeal' to the appeals court, but shows you how to find the very issues of error that you must present in your Appeal brief to justify your right to have the Appeals Court 'reverse'  your trial judgment.

The operational workings of the family court violate virtually every maxim of fairness, fair play, and equal rights. Its results rely on the whims of judges; and those judgments are influenced by feminist nurturing, propaganda, incentives and threats that pervade the divorce and domestic violence industry for all those that don’t ‘go along’ with it. Its procedures represent the antithesis of what they should be. And that situation ultimately makes for unjust, malicious, and rights-denying family court judgments against fathers after a trial on their 'complaint' for divorce, paternity, child support, visitation, or whatever.

Doing an appeal of your family court judgment can cost about $20,000 just for starters. But a father - such as you - can do it himself - as a pro se litigant. It's straight forward and the rules are clear as to what you need to do. You don't have to have a legal education!  But you need to know what you have to 'state' to justify your appeal and 'how' to state it and argue it. And you need to know if you have sufficient 'reason or evidence' to warrant a successful appeal on your part. 

Even if you do use a lawyer, you can use this course to see if he's doing it so it will be effective.

This course stands on its own but is a good complement to my standard course called Handling Your Family Court Case. Now let’s get started on what this course entails.

This course includes immediate access to:
1. PDF ebook version of the online course in easily readable prose with 118 pages of how to, useful approachs and an example of a Appeal-winning Appeal brief - by a pro se father. And all that includes a huge list of fathers-related case laws citations you can use to legally identify the 'errors' your family court judge made. Download it all immediately for your use.
2. An Online lecture course composed of powerpoint slides with voiceover so you can just sit back and listen! It contains some 90 slides with voice over spread over 6 topics - and, of course all the exhibits and examples in the ebook too.

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The objectives of this course - Make an Appeal, Effectively - are to get you to :

  1. Understand the appeal process as a whole
  2. Recognize what judgments are ‘appealable’ and the criteria for appealing
  3. Know how to construct your ‘issues’ (i.e. the judicial errors you’ll assert for appealing) from the record of your case
  4. Know how to fashion your ‘issues’ effectively
  5. Know how to produce each of the parts of the ‘appeal brief’ – i.e. the form that your               appeal will take.

The Make an Appeal, Effectively Course topics are:

Topic 1: Overview of Appeal Process

Topic 2: What the Appeals Court Does and What it will Overturn

Topic 3: Making Your Case “Appealable” -the nitty gritty approach

Topic 4: Appeal Rules and Procedures – the nitty gritty of it all

Topic 5: The Appeal Brief Parts and Explanation

Topic 6: The 3 Briefs of an Appeal, Color and type rules, and An Example of a Winning Brief


COST OF COURSE: This "Make an Appeal, Effectively" Course is only $19
Course includes immediate access to:
1. PDF version of the online course in easily readable prose of 119 pages. And that includes many great fathers-related court case citations to show you -and the appeals court justices- that you have been 'wronged' in the judgment you received.
2. Online lecture slides with voiceover and notes -you can just sit back and listen! It contains some 90+ slides with voice over spread over 6 topics.

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