How to Argue Your Court Case - Effectively Course


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"How to Argue Your Court Case - Effectively" course - includes both a readable 55pg PDF downloadable ebook and access to watch the Online Course - all for only $15.    

Fathers need this course so they can better make their case in family court where everything is stacked against them. You will learn to form your arguments into a legally meaningful and powerful form so that you have a greater chance of getting what you want – or, at least, minimize your damage -  in the Family court.

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I specifically designed this course to help fathers to better fight for their rights – for themselves and for their children. To bolster a father’s perspective, this course not only goes over the nitty gritty details of how to create and deliver his arguments powerfully and effectively, but gives him an understanding of what distinguishes good laws from the bad laws that family court promulgates to better fashion his argument.

The operational workings of the family court violate virtually every maxim of fairness, fair play, and equal rights. Its results rely on the whims of judges; and those judgments are influenced by feminist nurturing, propaganda, incentives and threats that pervade the divorce and domestic violence industry for all those that don’t ‘go along’ with it. Its procedures represent the antithesis of what they should be.

A father should never leave himself wholly at the mercy of the family court’s judges and lawyers. That’s what happens when he uses a lawyer without understanding what’s taking place and what the agenda really is. This course will help him to stand up for himself and his children against the unconstitutional and anti-father nature of family court proceedings. It does so because it shows him what’s really going on in family court, what’s missing to protect him in terms of law and procedures, and what he has to do to make his case – i.e. his argument for what he wants. It will help him defeat the antagonistic agenda against him and to create legal ramifications for the bad judgments and bad behavior of the judge, lawyers and opposition he’ll most likely confront.    

This course stands on its own but is a good complement to my standard course called Handling Your Family Court Case. Now let’s get started on what this course entails.

This course includes immediate access to:
1. PDF version of the course in easily readable prose.
2. An Online lecture course composed of powerpoint slides with voiceover so you can just sit back and listen! It contains some 104 slides with voice over spread over 8 topics.

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What this course can do for you: This 'How to Argue Your Court Case - Effectively' course allows you to know how and create a powerful legal argument in the Family Court setting. Make no mistake, we have a tyranny going on against fathers, family, and freedom. But you should understand how best to form your arguments to offset as much as possible the damage that family courts can do to you.

This Course grew out of the effort to form good, powerful, legal arguments for fathers facing judges who wish to deny them their children and their fundamental rights. This course expands upon parts of the How To Handle Your Family Court Case- the standard course of this legal education series.  Arguing effectively should ideally be taken only after you've taken the standard course, though not essentially.

By taking this course - How to Argue Your Court Case Effectively - you'll

  1. Understand the nature of a legal argument
  2. Understand arguing in the Family Court setting.
  3. Know the forms under which you will argue.
  4. Know what to incorporate in your argument
  5. Understand how to develop your argument
  6. Know how to control delivery of your argument.

How to Argure Your Court Case -Effectively Course topics:

  1. Courts and Arguments
  2. Law Essentials for Legal Arguments
  3. The Prime Facie Case
  4. Motivation in War and in Court
  5. The Family Court Set-up
  6. Presentation Forms of Your Argument
  7. Steps to Create Your Powerful Argument
  8. Making Your Presentation: Delivery with Control

COST OF COURSE: 'Arguing Course' is only $15
Course includes immediate access to:
1. PDF version of the online course in easily readable prose of 55 pages.
2. Online lecture slides with voiceover and notes -you can just sit back and listen! It contains some 104 slides with voice over spread over 8 topics.

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