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    What 'Doing Your Trial' Articles are about!
These articles discuss aspects of preparing for and doing your trial, and creating the post trial proposed finding and judgment.

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The Key Tactics For Fathers To Use In A Family Court Trial - And Why
Unlike in a regular court where a jury must ‘find evidence’ of guilt to punish by denying rights of the alleged offender, the family court judge ‘finds’ only his opinion of who – either the father or mother - should take physical custody of the children. Wrong doing is only a secondary issue, if at all. So, your main strategy in family court is to prove that you deserve custody for the best interests of the children. But that takes special tactics to do as a father...read more 

Opposing Lawyer in Family Court Wants to Undermine Your Credibility
Lawyers have sworn to uphold the U.S. constitution, their state constitution and help uphold justice in court actions. But they understand the prejudice of judges to deny fathers their rights based on finding fathers as ‘uncredible witnesses’. So when opposing fathers, lawyers use tactics that will unfairly foster such a perception...read more

Beware of the Tactic Used Against You by Family Court Judges
Family court judges have sworn to uphold the U.S. constitution – and the rights and due process it presupposes. But in fact they use tactics that undermines your right of due process. Lack of an informed jury and the prejudice of the judge make the family court a Kangaroo Court where the trial judgment is almost assured at making the father lose his children and other rights...read more

Fathers Should Take Control of Their Family Court Trials - Pro Se If Need Be
Effectively proving your case in a family court trial is essential for helping you to ‘win’ your case or to be able to make an effective appeal if you receive an unjust or unfair final judgment. You must be aggressive at proving the case for you and against your ‘ex’ on the issues at hand. Understanding how to prepare for and carry through your trial – with or without a lawyer- is your responsible approach to protecting you and your children...read more



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