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    What Fundamental Law and Court's Articles are about!
These articles stress the nature of fundamental laws supported by our constitution and how our government's courts should uphold them. Fundamental laws reflect our inalienable rights. Our Declaration of Independence stressed how we have inalienable rights that government should uphold - and not deny.

 Read these articles to know what rights you should have and how they should be implemented. Find out how are Court systems are arranged and should work.

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Noncustodial Extortion Payments Violate 13th Amendment
Child Support Enforcement (CSE) Agencies have exploded in power and size over the last 40 years. They are the money engine underwriting the divorce and domestic violence industry that relies on the family courts’ anti-father and unconstitutional denial of a fit father’s parental rights so as to impose almost endless and extorted payments from him. This imposed and extorted ‘obligation’ violates the 13th amendment’s prohibition of involuntary servitude...read more

Tyrannists Control Society by Phony Rights that Destroy Real Rights
Those that would force their control over people by denying them their unalienable rights do so to force their view of how society should work. Tyrannies such as communism, Nazism, and now feminism peddle phony rights to seduce supporters. The society that tyrannist goverments setup is unnatural to the human ethos. Its denial of real rights always causes increased misery as well undermining most of the phony rights and benefits it promises...read more

No-Fault Divorce Punishes Fathers without Due Process and without a Finding of Unfitness
No-fault divorce sets up a legal tyranny against a father because it assigns punishment to him and rewards the mother without allowing him the due process required to protect his rights. Paternity suits do much the same. Here’s how and why it happens…read more

Family Court Violates the Purpose of Courts and Fathers’ Unalienable Rights
The purpose of court is to reveal truth so as to administer justice to maintain liberty of the innocent, punish the guilty proportionately to his offense and compensate for damage done if possible to the aggrieved. The court’s process for accomplishing this must be recognized as a fair process. Family court ignores all of this...read more

Immunity of Judicial Elites Sets the Stage for Family Court Injustice 
Judge-made judicial immunity laws along with special interest-driven judicial appointments encourage judges' arrogant and fearless implementation of violations of due process and anti-father judgments. They have, by their behavior, generated a divorced-based and fatherless society of mother-headed families supported by state-enslaved fathers...read more

Bad Law and Phony Rights Tread on Rightful Liberty
The U.S. was formed to secure the unalienable rights of its citizens - as stated in the Declaration of Independence – nothing more and nothing less. The Constitution with the Bill of Rights and its further Amendments mapped out some fundamental rights and their protection from government interference. So what should Americans be aware of to maintain their liberty? ...read more

A Father’s Right to Parent His Child and Constitutional Law That Says So
Fathers walk into family courts – generally hauled in under a wife’s complaint for divorce - and can’t believe the injustice they face. These courts deny them their children and other rights at the whim of the judge...read more


Family Court Judgments against a Father’s Parental Rights are Illegitimate
The fundamental right to parent your child is an unalienable right – one for which our country was formed to secure. It can’t be denied to you unless the full constitutional due process is invoked to prove you ‘unfit’. Here’s what it means and why the family court judgments are illegitimate...read more


Maxims of Law Help Assure Justice - Their Absence Assures Injustice
It’s important for each of us that court processes are fair – fair to litigants or defendants. Our founding fathers understood how courts can become corrupt and rule to their own best interests and for their benefactors. That’s why they insisted that a jury – as representative of the public – was essential in any legal action where substantial money or rights were at stake...read more


Fathers, Know Your Inalienable Rights the U.S. Was Formed to Secure For You 

Fathers are being deprived of their fundamental rights in family court. That’s due to strong feminist influence dominating how law is to be administered and a divorce and domestic violence industry thriving off of depriving fit fathers of their children and then extorting them for money...read more


Fathers Rights Means Demanding Constitutional Rights Currently Denied to Fathers
Many of you may think fathers groups are asking for new rights when ‘fathers rights’ are mentioned. They’re not! They’re just demanding the constitutional rights guaranteed to all, but denied to them under present divorce or paternity actions. This article explains what’s denied to them and why it’s unconstitutional...read more


Divorcing Fit Fathers from Their Children Is a Recent and Unconstitutional Process
You may be told that awarding child custody to mothers and extorting fit fathers for payments is part of America's tradition.  This is untrue.  It's part of the propaganda to convince unwary fathers that their responsibility is to keep quiet and pay the mother money for supporting his child. Here are the facts...read more


The Judicial Process - Where We Confront our Rights - or the Lack of Them
People discover what rights they actually have when they’re confronted by the state under criminal prosecution or under a civil suit. The body of law dealing with how to go to court and the rules of what to do is called Procedural Law. This article overviews both the civil and criminal processes...read more

Family Courts Give Fathers No Protection for Their Rights and Assets – Just Tyranny
Divorce and paternity lawsuits have sky-rocketed over the last 40 years. Divorces rates are now in the 40% to 50% range. These suits produce immeasurable damage to litigants (mostly fathers), their children, their productivity, their assets and their futures...read more

‘Maxims of Common Law’ Are Ignored In Family Court
Courts make determinations in law and in equity. By ‘in law’ is meant following a specific law – constitutional law, state law, etc. By ‘in equity’ is meant determining what is ‘fair’ to do where now law specifically rules. An example is determining how to distribute the asssets in a divorce among the husband and wife....read more


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