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    What 'How to handle your family court case' Articles are about!
These articles discuss what you have to deal with in family court. How to fight your case. It overviews procedures in family court so you can use them to your advantage.

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Opposing Lawyer in Family Court Wants to Undermine Your Credibility
Lawyers have sworn to uphold the U.S. constitution, their state constitution and help uphold justice in court actions. But they understand the prejudice of judges to deny fathers their rights based on finding fathers as ‘uncredible witnesses’. So when opposing fathers, lawyers use tactics that will unfairly foster such a perception...read more

Beware of the Tactic Used Against You by Family Court Judges
Family court judges have sworn to uphold the U.S. constitution – and the rights and due process it presupposes. But in fact they use tactics that undermines your right of due process. Lack of an informed jury and the prejudice of the judge make the family court a Kangaroo Court where the trial judgment is almost assured at making the father lose his children and other rights...read more

Judge And Lawyer Prejudices Against Fathers Facing A Family Court Trial
A cadre of state-based and affiliated people and organizations rack up benefits, power, or fulfil their agenda by maintaining unconstitutional perversion of justice in the family court that assures easy denial of parental and other fundamental rights - overwhelmingly to fathers. Judges and lawyers are no exception to such unconstitutional prejudices. Fathers in their trial must be aware of this to better protect their interests. Here’s why those prejudices are always present…read more

Use These 4 Elements In Your Strategy For Going to Family Court
Because the family court system - including judges, lawyers, and the rules – are stacked against a father, he must cover all his bases to help protect his rights and what he wants. The four key elements to his strategy are made up of developing a responsible perspective to what he’s up against, knowing his issues, rights, and the rules, preparing his oral delivery well for his court appearance, and finally controlling the direction, orders and accountability of the judge – as best he can. Here’s what this means…read more

What are the Differences between Orders, Judgments and Stipulations
Every suit (or action) begins with the filing of a complaint. The complaint ‘complains’ of a problem or wrong for which it seeks the court to resolve. The complaint initiates a standardized process that may include hearings and that aims toward a trial on the issues of the complaint followed by the judge’s resolution of these – unless the parties agree on a settlement. Orders, judgments and stipulations represent resolutions, some temporary, within this process...read more

What are the Types and Purposes of Complaints and Hearings in the Family Court
During the court process initiated by filing a complaint, many different types of hearings take place. Being aware of the nature and purpose of a complaint and its hearings is essential to your adequate preparations for dealing with them....read more

Why Family Court is a Kangaroo Court With Predictable But Unconstitutional Outcomes
The Family Court is a kangaroo court because of its predictable and unconstitutional outcome – an outcome that deprives a father of his children, and most all his fundamental rights. It’s maintained so by the power, money, and agenda of the state-based divorce and domestic violence industry. And here are the perverted and unconstitutional characteristics that allow this to be so...read more

Make an Argument That Puts the Family Court Judge on Trial
The family court ignores the constitutional due process required when ruling on a litigant’s fundamental rights. But that’s what it does all day long. It’s not just unfair to fathers, but geared to making your children effectively fatherless and you into a slave. The family court’s process is stacked against you. So, you need to argue your case in a way that puts the judge on trial...read more

Fathers, Protect Yourselves through the Family Court Process
Fathers face unjust, unfair, and unconstitutional treatment in the family courts. Judges deny them their parental rights, and then enslave them with impoverishing child extortion payments for whatever the mother wants to use them for. Lawyers promote what the judge wants and Guardian Ad Litems (GALs) assist them with the results he prefers. What are the ways, you as a father, can protect yourself against such court personnel and the injustice they participate in?...read more

Make a Strong Legal Argument for What You Want in Family Court
Family courts violate virtually every maxim of fairness, fair play, and equal rights. Its results rely on the whims of judges; and they’re influenced by feminist nurturing, propaganda, incentives and threats that pervade the divorce and domestic violence industry for all those that don’t ‘go along’ with it. A father should never leave himself wholly at the mercy of the family court’s judges and lawyers. Among other things, he should know how to make his argument powerful....read more

No-Fault Divorce Punishes Fathers without Due Process and without a Finding of Unfitness
No-fault divorce sets up a legal tyranny against a father because it assigns punishment to him and rewards the mother without allowing him the due process required to protect his rights. Paternity suits do much the same. Here’s how and why it happens…read more

Family Court Violates the Purpose of Courts and Fathers’ Unalienable Rights
The purpose of court is to reveal truth so as to administer justice to maintain liberty of the innocent, punish the guilty proportionately to his offense and compensate for damage done if possible to the aggrieved. The court’s process for accomplishing this must be recognized as a fair process. Family court ignores all of this...read more

How to Complain about Family Court Judges, Lawyers, and GALs
Fathers serve their children and themselves best by being aware of their rights and the judicial process they will face - as well as the strategies they must consider during a divorce or paternity action. Using their knowledge to complain about judges, lawyers and guardians ad litem (GALs) is an important strategy...read more  

What Fathers Need To Know About the Family Court Divorce Process
Our constitution doesn't give rights to people; it’s supposed to prevent government from interfering with their unalienable rights. The Bill of Rights and the further amendments declare some of our rights. Supreme Court case law clarifies others and carries the weight of an amendment and supersedes all state laws. One of these rights is your right to parent your child. Be prepared to defend it for you and your child...read more

Naïve Fathers in Family Court Are Kept Confused and Helpless for Money
Most fathers are dragged into family court by women-filed divorce and paternity complaints. They’re not as aware as the women are about family court outcomes. Unfortunately the family court and its lawyers maintain a father’s naivety and confusion about the protection of his unalienable rights including his right to continue to parent his children for their own protection and profit...read more

How to Handle a Contempt Complaint Against You for Child Support
Fathers who have not paid all the child support ordered often find themselves confronting a Complaint for Contempt for not paying everything ordered. Too many fathers are unjustly sent to jail under a Judgement of Contempt without receiving the ‘due process’ they deserve. Here’s how to handle your case if a Contempt Complaint is filed against you.....read more

Problems in Family Court That Fathers Should Prepare For
Problems with the family court setup include laws that are discriminatory to whoever becomes the non custodial parent – overwhelmingly the father. But as bad these laws are, their administration is worse. Fathers can’t depend on lawyers to defend them effectively in this process. read more

The Steps in a Divorce or Paternity Action
Most divorce litigants don’t have a clue about how a divorce action progresses. Learn them so you can begin to handle your case – with or without a lawyer. This article outlines the steps in divorce or paternity (for the unmarried) suit that take place in family court...read more

The Issues of Divorce and Paternity – Getting Off to a Good Start
Unfortunately, many will go through a divorce or a paternity suit. But most don’t have a clue about fighting for their rights at court. Learn what you must know to better fight for what you want – with or without a lawyer. This article explains the issues of these suits and the importance of preparing well for the first hearing...read more

Fit Fathers Denied Custody of Their Children Unjustly Face Contempt and Jail
A Complaint for Contempt against a father for not paying all the child support ordered is filed by the custodial mother. This article shows that because the non-custodial father is unable to pay all court-ordered child support perhaps in addition to any state-imposed interest and penalties on the amount overdue (referred to as ‘in arrearage’) he’s subject to unjust imprisonment. ..read more






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