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Legal rights problem articles deal with any and all injustice and rights transgressions that we can see occur. These include government intrusions in areas of taxes, privacy, family affairs, fathers rights,  entitlements, of any sort. A rights violator is the Government-supported Divorce & Domestic Violence Industry. Understanding its power and control is essential for fighting it.

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Root Causes of How the Family Court Came to Tyrannize Fathers and Families
Family court overwhelmingly denies fit and decent fathers, under divorce and paternity suits, their right to parent (i.e. directly care for and support) their children. Doing so turns a father into a virtual slave to both the state and the mother and to pay outrageous extortion payments for the state’s kidnapping of his children - or go to jail. These are all clear violations of his unalienable (fundamental or individual) rights as well as the constitutional protections that were put in place to secure them. But what are the root causes that created such a court tyranny against fathers? read more


Family Court Tyranny against Fathers versus the Cover-Up Propaganda
Fathers face a tyranny against them in family court because the court denies their unalienable rights - also known as fundamental, constitutional, and individual rights – which include their right to parent their children. This article contrasts this fact with the state’s divorce and domestic violence industry’s propaganda that covers up family court’s unconstitutional use of its greater good excuses – safety of women’s abuse excuse and the best interest of the child excuse...read more

Government Power and Money Assures More Tyranny under Feminist Greater Good Excuses
The divorce and domestic violence industry (DDVI) doesn’t create real product. It’s a parasite industry of legal and police-related services and benefits funded by taxpayers and extortion of fathers. It wholly depends on unconstitutional court orders that rob fathers of their children and create abusers under phony laws. Its guaranteed state power and its feminist push for ‘safety of women’ and ‘the best interest of the child’ excuses assures more tyranny...read more.

Feminist ‘Greater Good’ Legislation Gave Rise to the Divorce and Domestic Violence Industry
Feminist-backed ‘greater good’ legislation has produced unjust ‘excuses’ for courts to deprive fathers and other men of their constitutional rights and protections while privileging and benefiting women. This legislation has produced an enormous court order-based industry – the divorce and domestic violence industry (DDVI) – that funds itself through extorting fit fathers and taxpayers. It’s a parasitic cadre of benefactors...read more

Safety of Women’s ‘Abuse Excuse’ is the Greater Good That Feminazism uses to ‘Divide and Conquer’
Tyrannies take hold in society by promoting a commendable-sounding ‘greater good’. It’s the state-enforced implementation of that greater good that establishes the tyranny. Feminism-instigated promotion of the safety of women through the ‘abuse excuse’ is its ‘greater good’ that legally divides the sexes. It privileges women by denying men their constitutional rights. That’s why state-forced feminism is best characterized as feminazism for the tyranny it creates...read more

Hunger Striker and Father, Bill Coleman, Fights Feminist Jurisprudence from Jail
If a women says it, that’s all that’s needed for depriving you of your rights. That’s feminist jurisprudence. Today, much of the legal system caters directly to accusations by women without regard to the protection of a ‘fair process’ for those men accused.  To simply be accused is sufficient to be denied your rights. Bill Coleman’s story typifies many cases...read more


Can You Recognize a Free Society from a Tyranny?
The purpose of this article is to expose the most critical issue of our time - the usurping of our constitutional rights by a feminist-based governmental tyranny. That tyranny is bent on engineering a social, cultural, and economic structural change in our society that’s in complete violation of our constitutional principles as...read more

Family Courts Tyrannically Deny Fit Fathers Their Constitutional Right to Parent Their Children
Family courts routinely deny one fit parent – overwhelming the father- his parental right to raise his child. They tyrannically allege a right to deny father’s fundamental rights since they do so for ‘the best interest of the child’..,read more

Government’s Feminist Tyranny Exists Denying Men Their Constitutional Due Process
Tyrannies begin by promulgating policies of good intentions. Such intentions fool the public into allowing government to fund such programs. Feminism was accepted by most as simply fostering equal opportunity for women. So, government-funded programs began...read more

Government’s Feminist Tyranny Fosters a Matriarchal and State-Run Families
Heavy government funding of feminist-based programs has lead to injecting perverse feministic demands by the state into every facet of business, education, and family law. Feminist-demanded privilege especially within family law –referred to as Feminist Jurisprudence – bypasses constitutional protections and common law maxims designed to create freedom and fairness for all. ..read more

Exposing of Feminist Jurisprudence’s Destruction of Fathers’ Rights
Fathers Rights groups protect the denial of fundamental rights and protections they experience under tyrannical divorce and paternity judgments. This article summarizes some their plight. ...read more

The Money Is Too Big for Unfair Divorce Court Setup to Change
Divorce and paternity suits are big business. That’s because family court is setup to keep incentives to divorce high for women, lawyers and a host of court-related personnel. Those incentives translate into big money. The money is big because the loss to fathers – and their children - is so big....read more





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