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    What 'Making Your Argument' Articles are about!
These articles discuss how you create and justify your arguments - arguments you'll use in court.

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Preparation Steps For Making Your Argument in Court for Pro Se Fathers
When fathers represent themselves in family court, they must argue for what they want clearly, concisely, and authoritatively. Below is a quick overview of how to approach ‘making your argument in family court’ – for what you want…read more

Make a Strong Legal Argument for What You Want in Family Court
Family courts violate virtually every maxim of fairness, fair play, and equal rights. Its results rely on the whims of judges; and they’re influenced by feminist nurturing, propaganda, incentives and threats that pervade the divorce and domestic violence industry for all those that don’t ‘go along’ with it. A father should never leave himself wholly at the mercy of the family court’s judges and lawyers. Among other things, he should know how to make his argument powerful...read more

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