'How to Handle Your Family Court Case'
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Take hope! ...  How to Handle Your Family Court Case is geared to put you 'in the know'.  This course covers all you need to know to handle you case on your own - or to handle your lawyer.


"How to Handle Your Family Court Case" course - includes both
- a 248pg
PDF downloadable ebook version of the course, and
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The benefits of this course occur at several levels. You’ll


How to Handle Your Family Court Case course is made up of 8 topics, an epilog, and two appendices.

The course consists of an online course (to watch a Powerpoint presentation with voice over for each of the topics listed above) and the ebook (a PDF) readable version of the full course in 248 pages packed with tactics, strategies, forms and examples.

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You'll make no better investment in yourself than to get this course so you can watch the online course and read the course ebook. It's a hands-on course that will get you up and running - fighting for your rights in court. 


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Here's a quick overview what each topic covers in this course:

First, in Topic 1, we introduce you to the injustice that the family court is famous for. We acclimatize you to what you’re up against. You need to become aware of this  so you begin taking the aggressive actions necessary in your case

In Topic 2, we present the ‘basics’ of a court action, the parts and terms of importance. We show you the papers you typically have to file in your hearings: motions, affidavits, memoranda, etc. and how they’re put together along with the basic rules of service. So many of you are already going to court, that this is handled early in the course.

In Topic 3 we begin talking about what Law really is, what its made up of –and What it is NOT! or shouldn’t be. We acquaint you with what a real court is and how it deals with law-or supposed to be and do and the importance of Court as an institution,: That’s because, its at court where our law impinges on us. It’s where the ‘rubber meets the road’.

Topic 4 explores the way Family Court is setup and its clear failings as a legitimate venue for justice. We also quickly cover the ‘general’ laws associated with family court. We just give the basics here.

Topic 5 concentrates on what your fundamental rights really are. This is the basis of all your arguments. We make it clear that the family court set up doesn’t support you getting the ‘fair process’ (also known as ‘due process’) that you deserve when you go to court to claim you rights.

In Topic 6, we dissect each of family court complaints. We delineate the issues at hand, the arguments to make with citations of law – that are so important for you to recognize and use.

Topic 7  is where we concentrate on your Strategy for going to court: i.e. how you should prepare for your hearings and what you should demand in them to protect your rights With the knowledge you’ll have gained up to this point, you’re in a good position to ‘take charge of your case.

Unfortunately, we are experiencing a tyranny in the family courts, and so Topic 8 explains the various avenues to seek redress for unjust orders and judgments you’re sure to experience.

Lastly, we finish with an Epilog. Here we present some ideas for you to think about. You and the rest of us need to fight back against this tyranny and not give up!

 Two appendices are attached to the last course part. One tabulates the steps in a divorce action for short referral paper. The other overviews the 'Abuse' industry's propaganda. You ought to know what they put out. It's big money to the divorce and domestic violence industry. But its existence is based on denying the due process of men and fathers so they can easily be labeled 'abusers' when they're clearly not. This abuse industry is truly abusive.

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