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Know This... or Know Nothing

-The  destruction of fathers' rights, family, and freedom by state-imposed feminism- 

Are you having problems in family court...and wonder why?

Do you know what happens to fathers in family court?


Do you think the judge is confused or ignorant about how to handle your case?

Do you think your lawyer isn't or hasn't been doing a good job for you?


Do you know what "father's rights" means?

Do you wonder why the fathers rights groups never seem to make any real headway?


Perhaps you think that there's too much money to be made by the way family court operates - and that's the problem, or


You think you know why fathers get screwed in family court - why they lose their children, are treated like abusers and criminals,  and are enslaved to the state and mothers.


…Well Think Again!


Hi, I'm Shane Flait. Here's an ebook that puts it all together...


Know This…or Know Nothing answers all these questions…and a lot more.

It shows you the tyranny that is destroying fathers, families, and the very rights that constitute and preserve our freedom - and importantly - the HOW and the WHY of it. 


I show not only what happens in family courts to fathers  and how it destroys their lives, their families and their children, but most importantly, Why.


The 'Why' is critical. It's unrecognized or avoided because of the brainwashing and intimidation of feminist propaganda that permeates every part of society. But it's the state-imposition of feminist ideology into law and legal thought that underlies the destruction of fathers fundamental rights and freedom .


Recognizing  the 'Why' is essential to putting a stop to this tyranny and establishing freedom for each of us - which is what this book will incite you to do.


If you can't understand the problem, You can't solve it. You'll do what's useless to do - as so many fathers rights groups are sucked into doing. Fathers and their groups are often part of the problem because their actions and demands, if any, naively help to ensure they stay enslaved. They don't understand what they're up against. So what they think they know means nothing!


But understanding the nature of a problem puts you 50% on the way to a solution.


Know This…or Know Nothing defines the problem - the what, how and why of it - so you can see what direction you must take to stop the tyranny that's fathers, families and freedom. 


That tyranny begins when family court systematically denies a father his parental rights to his children under a divorce or paternity suit. After that, most all his other rights of freedom are rationalized away.  This tyranny is far worse, malicious, and injurious for fathers, their children and families than the media will let you know.



Know This…or Know Nothing is divided into three parts:

Part 1 gives the facts to help you see the destruction of fathers and freedom that state-imposed feminism achieves by denying fathers' unalienable rights in family courts. I explain:


Part 2 clarifies how the anti-father state tyranny of state-imposed feminism was created and is maintained and introduces the idea of a cover-up of the injustice fathers face which allowed this tyranny to take root and then grow ever larger. I explain


Part 3 brings it all together stressing what's really happening to fathers and our freedom and to prompt you to see through to the root of the matter - the feminist mindset of greater good excuses incorporated into government's laws and its courts. This tyrannical rationale puts the state in control of you and robs your of your rights, your children and your freedom.


Without eliminating this usurpation of your rights, you'll go know where. This is the Know This... or Know Nothing point of the book.  Read the book and find out how it all takes place...


 Here is a view of Know This... or Know Nothing 's Table of Contents:

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