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I'm creating ebooks and other reports that you can use to be aware of and understand the denial of our unalienable rights and liberties that are taking place today...and what you can do about it.

Government's abridgment of so many of our fundamental liberties for its various 'greater good' excuses - on many different fronts - is destroying our freedoms and the protections they require. 'Greater good' excuses always produce government tyranny whether they are sugar-coated or obviously repressive. Unfortunately, many factions enjoy the control over society that participating in or creating 'greater good' excuses to intrude and impose on citizens for power, profit or for furthering their own socialistic agendas. Their strategies invariably make use of distorting truth into falsity, preaching imminent calamity, propagandizing phony rights or vilifying innocents in order to brainwash the public into happily accepting or, at least, enduring whatever chains and deprivations their 'greater good' excuses require of it.

Only when people's individual rights - those unalienable rights referred to in the U.S. Declaration of Independence - are protected can individuals enjoy their liberties which invariably causes the productivity of people to flourish resulting in the achievement of the highest benefits of society as a whole for all to enjoy. This has been shown time and again while the contrary - government intrusion and control at the expense of individual rights - has time and again ultimately led to unproductive efforts - or none at all - as well as untold human suffering and destruction. But the road to hell will ever be paved with good intentions and unjust government promises.

Fathers Rights Denials
Most damaging, now, are the blatant denial of their parental and other of their rights and children which fathers face under the family court system. This court has been perverted by the power and influence of feminists and their 'great good (greater than upholding our unalienable rights) excuse' propaganda along with a arrogant and justice-usurping judicial elite. A billions of dollar state-based industry now thrives on denying fathers their rights and children. The tyranny it produces on fathers is obscured or covered up by the many factions of this industry that benefit from it and seek to maintain and grow their agendas.   

What's badly needed is a clear explanation of what's happening - the virtual enslavement of fathers to the state and mothers through clear constitutional denials of their most fundamental rights - why and how its happening, and what we can do about it to restore freedom and constitutional due process to all.

These two ebooks, listed below, are now available. The first, Fathers Rebellion..., is meant to be a manifesto for spreading the word about this tyranny and the actions that must be taken. The second, Know This... or Know Nothing, is a thorough introduction to the problem that Fathers Rebellion... demands action about. A third, on Real Rights, is in the works to inform the public of what rights their freedom depends on  - and what phony rights will enslave and tyrannize them.  I hope you'll purchase each - priced at a cup of fancy coffee - to help you spread the message to others.

Fathers Rebellion, Demands and Strategy Against Family Court Tyranny - Temporarily FREE to download and distribute to your friends. Just Click to see more.   This ebook shows how and why fathers face a tyranny in family court what they must do to restore their constitutional rights - including their parental rights - with their necessary constitutional due process to maintain those rights for themselves, their children, and a freedom that can be enjoyed by all.

Know This... or Know Nothing  - Temporarily FREE to download and distribute to your friends. Just Click to see more.   This ebook explains the destruction of fathers' rights, the family, and freedom that's taking place by state-imposed feminism. It's an eye-opener for anyone. It's a good book to orient you to what's really happening concerning fathers rights and family court.

Real Rights and Phony Rights - in preparation


Making Yourself Independent of Government...
Government seeks to control you. An natural way to do so is to control the benefits you receive. That way government supply or withhold your benefits at its whim - whatever reason it wants to use. Your dependent on government as

Reducing or eliminating your dependence means taking control of your earnings - as a self-employed person - and saving to the extent that you can live on your savings. Everyone should try to control his wealth to protect himself from living at the 'behest' of government.  Here's an ebook that can help you get started...

    Wise Way to Financial Independence
    It's gives you rules and procedures to show you how to achieve financial independence based on