How To Do Your Family Court Trial - Pro Se


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"How To Do Your Family Court Trial - Pro Se" course - includes both a readable 100pg with (an additional 40pgs of exhibits) PDF downloadable ebook AND access to watch the Online Course - all for only $19.    

Whether you use a lawyer or do it yourself (i.e. Pro Se), preparing and carryout an effective trial to preserve your claims and rights is essential. This 'How to' Trial Course will gives you all you need to know not only about the 'mechanics' of going to trial but about the strategy you must use to offset the prejudices against you as a father that family that court judges hold. Preparing well for a trial can often enhance your chances for a better settlement too.

Understanding how to do your trial in family court is important to best ensure your chances to win your case, minimize your potential loss, or lay the basis for a winnable appeal to a higher court if you get an unfair judgment against you. 

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I specifically designed this trial course to help fathers to better fight for their rights Ė for themselves and for their children. To bolster a fatherís perspective, this course not only goes over the nitty gritty details of preparing for trial and carrying it through, but gives you the strategy to use to overcome the damaging prejudice that judges hold against fathers.

The operational workings of the family court violate virtually every maxim of fairness, fair play, and equal rights. Its results rely on the whims of judges; and those judgments are influenced by feminist nurturing, propaganda, incentives and threats that pervade the divorce and domestic violence industry for all those that donít Ďgo alongí with it. Its procedures represent the antithesis of what they should be.

A father should never leave himself wholly at the mercy of the family courtís judges and lawyers. Thatís what happens when he uses a lawyer without understanding whatís taking place and what the agenda really is. This 'How to' Trial course will help him to stand up for himself and his children against the unconstitutional and anti-father nature of family court judge rulings and the prejudiced mindset they use against him.

Family court lawyers don't necessarily do a good job in trial for fathers. In fact, their position and vulnerability in this Kangaroo Court System can often undermine your case - as explained in this course. The cost of a lawyer to do a trial for you just isn't worth it most times. But preparing for and going through a trial is necessary many times just to fight for your rights and your children - and not simply give up and handover those rights to the court to make you a slave and divorce you from your children.

But fighting your case IS worth it FOR YOU AND  YOUR CHILDREN; and, if it takes going through a trial to do so, then  you can do it yourself - i.e. as a Pro Se litigant. You CAN do it. And, often preparing to do it can bring about a more advantageous 'settlement' that, otherwise, you wouldn't get.  

This course stands on its own but is a good complement to my standard course called Handling Your Family Court Case. Now letís get started on what this course entails.

This course includes immediate access to:
1. PDF ebook version of the course in easily readable prose with 60 text pages and 40 more pages on trial-related exhibits and charts to use. You can download immediately for your use.
2. An Online lecture course composed of powerpoint slides with voiceover so you can just sit back and listen! It contains some 128 slides with voice over spread over 7 topics.

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The objectives of this How To Do Your Family Court Trial - Pro Se - course are to get you to understand:

How To Do Your Family Court Trial - Pro Se Course topics are:

Topic 1 Complaint Issues Settled by trial
Topic 2 Finding support for your complaint issues
Topic 3 Pre-Trial memorandum and Settlement Issues
Topic 4 The Trial Parts and Their Preparation
Topic 5 Rules of Evidence and Common Objections
Topic 6 Trial Prejudices, Tactics, Credibility and Appeal-ability
Topic 7 Your Proposed Findings and Judgment, Appeal Notice, Course Summary

COST OF COURSE: This 'How to' Trial Course is only $19
Course includes immediate access to:
1. PDF version of the online course in easily readable prose of 101 pages.
2. Online lecture slides with voiceover and notes -you can just sit back and listen! It contains some 128 slides with voice over spread over 7 topics.

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