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Our eBooks and Reports for Liberty's Call:

Fathers Rebellion, Demands and Strategy Against Family Court Tyranny - Temporarily FREE - just click for overview and then for download.  This ebook shows how and why fathers face a tyranny in family court what they must do to restore their constitutional rights - including their parental rights - with their necessary constitutional due process to maintain those rights for themselves, their children, and a freedom that can be enjoyed by all.

Know This... or Know Nothing  - Temporarily FREE - just click for overview and then for download.   This ebook explains the destruction of fathers' rights, the family, and freedom that's taking place by state-imposed feminism. It's an eye-opener for anyone. It's a good book to orient you to what's really happening concerning fathers rights and family court.

Our Courses to Educate You on How to Fight Your Case in Court - see below:

These 'legal education' courses will help you immensely whether or not you retain an attorney. Each course includes immediate access to a downloadable ebook of the course and an online presentation that you can watch and listen to Online. They both contain the same information but each has its unique characteristics for helping you.

If you're going 'pro se' (i.e. representing yourself in court) these courses will show you how. They are based on Supreme Court law and Massachusetts Law but so much is similar among court procedures throughout the states that these courses will serve you well no matter what state your case is in. They're easy to do with plenty of examples to go by.

Learning to go 'pro se' will also save you from being shut up when your money runs out; it let's you keep on fighting - often better than with a lawyer. These courses were originally given to hundreds of students for the cost of one hour of lawyer's fees. Putting them on the Web has allowed me to reduce their cost so everyone can have access to these informative courses. Each goes for less than 10% of an hour of lawyer's time! You can't go wrong! 

How to Handle Your Family Court Case Course. $20.00 Ideally, this is the first course you should take. It's our standard course, it's comprehensive and it shows you how to handle all the procedures in family court and construct your papers and strategies for going to court. But it covers a whole lot more. It's also the basis for the other courses which expand on points brought up in the standard course. Click here for a thorough overview of the course, detailed table of contents and figures, and an online presentation overviewing the course 

How to Argue Your Case in Court - Effectively Course. $15.00 This course sharpens your realization of how to form your arguments so they are comprehensive and powerful. Making a case that 'covers all the bases' is essential in the Family Court where you must make an overpowering case to stand up against the tyranny that fathers face there. Click here for an overview.

How To Do Your Family Court Trial - Pro se  Course. $19.00  Take this course to understand how to prepare and carry through a trial in family court with or without (i.e. Pro Se) a lawyer. Whether your trial is a Divorce, or a Modification of an existing order such as child support or custody, this course gives you what you need to handle it in trial. Be sure to take this trial course to enhance your chances to win at trial but also to maintain good 'appealability' of a unjust trial judgment you may get. Showing the other side that you're willing and planning to go to trial may also help you get a better settlement. Click here for an overview.

Make an Appeal, Effectively  Course. $19.00  This course shows you not only the mechanics for appealing your unsatisfactory family court trial judgment, but how to produce an appeal that will get the Appeals Court's attention for a better chance of overturning that bad judgment. You can do it as a pro se litigator! And this course gives you an example of a winning appeal brief by a pro se fathers too. And it comes with many pages of case law citations related to supporting the fundamental and parenting rights of fathers, due process, and more. Click her for an overview.